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Gina, helps immigrant women and business women achieve success through an understanding of emotional intelligence. Gina also helps immigrant women through the lengthy process of immigration.

Nominated for the Women Influencers Awards

Featured in “Accomplished 150: Immigrant Women in Canada”. In this book are captured the voices of 150 accomplished immigrant women in Canada to both celebrate and document their contribution to Canada, sharing their stories with younger immigrant women.

Coaching for Change

Client Testimonials

“Having Gina as a Life Coach has been a wonderful experience. Her approach to any situation happening in my life is so precise and what makes it so precise is that she understands what works for me, for my family and my surroundings. She is a blessing for each person that has the opportunity to enjoy her talent”

Luz frankel
“Working with Gina has been such a wonderful experience. I originally didn’t know where to start, I was feeling lost. Gina helped me recognize and focus on my strengths and strategically assisted me in planning achievable goals to include and suit my life at home as a single parent of three children and still manage a full-time career. I highly recommend Gina as a life coach”

Jenny Lynn
“The conversation with Gina was very enlightening, and insightful. It really helped bring out what I know subconsciously in words, and doing so made me feel understood at an emotional level. From that conversation, I have gained a fresh set of self-confidence and motivation.”

“Gina is a very passionate person in all she does and she’s able to see the bigger pictures in things, especially when organizing. She’s able to go from micro to macro and back.”